Project description

2023 One Tree One World

The 2023 ANOBO International Children's Tech and Art Traveling Exhibition has chosen "One Tree One World" as its theme for this year. The exhibition draws inspiration from the diverse meanings of "tree", aiming to encourage children to connect their everyday experiences with global issues. The various interpretations of "tree" are conveyed to the audience through interactive art forms. In addition to showcasing art creations, technological experiences, and scientific knowledge, the exhibition also incorporates the essence of Chinese culture and human civilizations to enhance children's understanding of concepts such as sustainable development, environmental protection, cultural preservation, and the shared destiny of humanity.

2022 A Drop of Water with One World

The ANOBO International Children's Tech and Art Traveling Exhibition "A Drop of Water with One World" officially opened at the China World Art Museum in Beijing on June 28, 2022. Experts from various industries attended the opening ceremony, and they delivered speeches, engaged in discussions about innovative quality education at the "ANOBO Children's Global Competence Forum," and also presented exhibition certificates to young artists. The exhibition created an immersive and novel teaching model by embracing four key curatorial characteristics: artistry, educational, technological, and international, all interlinked to nurture young world explorers with global perspectives.

2021 One World ANOBO International Children's Tech and Art Traveling Exhibition

The "One World" ANOBO International Children's Technology and Art Traveling Exhibition, an immersive and interactive exhibition co-created with children from around the world, officially, set sail at the Today Art Museum on July 24, 2021!