Tonia Casarin 企业家、哥大教育硕士

Tonia Casarin, Entrepreneur, Teacher, TC alumna, Lemann Fellow. Tonia Casarin holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from PUC-Rio and a Masters degree in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University in New York, USA. She has worked in the public sector (government of the city and State of Rio de Janeiro) and private. She is currently a postgraduate professor at the Singularities Institute of São Paulo, a consultant in the education field and works in partnership with Stanford University in projects at FabLearn Lab in Rio de Janeiro. Passionate about children and emotions, Tonia focused her studies on emotional and social intelligence, and how to develop it in adults, adolescents and children. During her research, she learned that the first step in developing 21st century skills is knowing how to identify feelings. In this context, Tonia wrote the book “I Have Monsters in my Belly”, a tool for children to learn to identify their own emotions. The success of the book led to the idea of creating an app, soon to be released by the educator. Tonia is also transforming her book into a social-emotional learning system for early childhood, such as teacher training, teaching materials and information and coaching for parents. The artist collaborates with works and testimonies of collective experiences with contemporary indigenous art held in Roraima. Esbell runs a Contemporary Indigenous Art Gallery, opened to the community where he develops projects with the Xirixana people, inhabitants of the Yanomami Indigenous Reserve, Amazon forest region as well as various activities with the indigenous peoples of the savannah and mountains. In 2016, he was nominated for the PIPA Award, the highest prize in contemporary Brazilian art.