BNU-ANOBO Children’s Global Competence Education Research Team


International Education R&D Team


In alliance with

School of Arts and Communication

Beijing Normal University


The first

Children’s Global Competence

Education Research Team in China


Children’s Global Competence

Education Research Team

Founded in May 2020

  • “BNU-ANOBO Children’s Global Competence Education Research Team”

ANOBOteam, the international education research and development team, in cooperation with School of Arts and Communication, Beijing Normal University, has invited experts from all over the world to establish the “BNU -ANOBO Children’s Global Competence Education Research Team” (hereafter referred to as “BNU -ANOBO Research Team”). This makes it the first official organization in China to conduct systematic research on the topic of “Children’s Global Competence,” The BNU -ANOBO Research Team plans to devote five to ten years on the aim of “cross-border education in arts and technology to cultivate future citizens’ global competence.” In addition, the research team is developing a series of interdisciplinary “steAm” global competence courses for children, with “ecological environment” as the theme and “art” as the main subject, and creating a “Children’s Global Competence” framework.The research team will establish sites for the training of global competence teachers and for international pilot programs. The research and teaching results will be presented at the “ANOBO Children’s Global Competence Education Virtual Summit“, the “ANOBO World Children’s Science and Technology Art Exhibition“, as well as in academic publications and booksThe goal is to create a platform for communication and exchange between children’s global competence education and international standards, to create a “research-practice-exchange-research” feedback loop of educational research, and to empower future models of educational innovation, allowing research education to directly serve educational research.

“BNU -ANOBO Educational Research Closed Loop”

With experts from Columbia University and Beijing Normal University as its core members, the research team will invite innovative frontline teachers to join the team every year. The team will guide frontline teachers to implement instructional design with a research-based mindset, and train international, innovative and globally educated teachers who are able to solve practical problems based on independent research and long-term development.

In addition, the team will invite educational institutions from all over the world (kindergartens, elementary schools, etc.) with experience in international education to become the team’s experimental sites for children’s global competence, with the aim of jointly practicing the “feedback-loop” innovative education model and leading the development of “children’s global competence” education.

  • Expert Committee of the “BNU-ANOBO Research Team”

We hope that through the research and development of children’s global competence education, children and teenagers will learn to accept, respect and embrace the diversity of the world on the basis of their self-identity and cultural identity in an environment full of cross-border, cross-cultural and pluralistic values, and become more capable of integrating and innovatingproviding a constant source of creativity for building a better, more tolerant and sustainable world.